Happy with my life.

Maybe I even love my life. You want to know why? It’s because I said so πŸ˜‰

It may sound so pretentious when people say stuff like that, but my point isn’t to try and put myself in a very interesting and positive spot, my point is that with all the ups and downs during a lifetime, life is so much easier to handle if you decide to like it. To enjoy it, and have fun as it goes along. And if you don’t? Well, then you have to sit down, spend some time focusing deep and try to narrow down to what it is that’s not working. What needs to be changed, fixed or eliminated? And you’re not done with that. No, that’s when the interesting part starts, when you start to build the life you actually want. That’s fun! πŸ™‚

I don’t know if we’re born optimists and pessimists, I think it’s possibly something you inherit? If one parent is more of a pessimist and the other one is the opposite, I guess you could go either way. I think I must have been lucky, I’m a profound optimist πŸ™‚ I have been happy go lucky as long as I can remember. Looking back I’m thinking that maybe that’s not just good. It has affected my competitiveness, my ability to set hairy goals and put the necessary input to actually reach them. I’ve always thought that however things go or whatever I do, things will work out. And they always do πŸ˜‰ The secret? Remember the book from way back when? It’s about the law of attraction. Think positive thoughts and positive things happen. As simple as that. Or hard I guess, if you’re a pessimist πŸ˜‰

I don’t know, but there’s something about that philosophy that I actually do believe. Not kidding. And having read a book from Oprah Winfrey just recently, I think she believes it too. That gives me a bit comfort when I’m questioning myself whether I’m completely mad, extremely naive, or possibly completely stupid… Oprah is a smart woman, so at least I can’t be that mad….

But – back to building the life you want. I’ve found it hard to narrow down to what I want. It’s so easy to get distracted, make some quick assumptions and wrong choices based on what manages to get through to me in all the noise I have to face every single day, you know what I mean? I so often catch myself thinking of how completely happy I would be if I just lived a place where the sun shines more often, where it’s warmer, or in a house that looks more like the ones you see in the magazines. Or – oh, if I could only afford more Louboutin shoes, Chole dresses and Gucci bags…. πŸ˜‰ I’d of course L O V E that, but it won’t affect my happiness. Maybe for a fraction of a second, but not for long. Not really. (I would love it though! πŸ˜‰

I find it hard to go deep. It’s not something I sit down and do. It’s more something I’ve had to face when facing others. You know those situations that are almost unbearable, either because someone makes you so insanely angry, sad or insecure? Not many years ago I decided to try and use those situations to educate myself about myself. I haven’t waited for these kind of situations to occur, but I’ve gone back and tried to face the worst situations I can remember having had. Not easy! And, oh, how I hate, and struggle to admit, that I have some very bad traits of character. I really do. But strongly believe we all do, and I comfort myself by thinking that those are what makes us human, don’t you think? And I guess it’s kind of comforting having faced the fact that there is work to be done, that is when I can start working on improving myself.

It’s a continuous job. A never-ending story. It’s so interesting, and I find it rewarding when new situations occur, and I can honestly say that it doesn’t feel that bad anymore. I’m getting better every day at facing my bad traits, and trying to work things out. And reward is great, isn’t it? It’s rewarding to handle your life better every day, and it’s rewarding to experience making progress. I can really recommend it. No matter how hard it is, I guarantee you – face your bad sides, work on them and be a happier and stronger person. You’ll love it, I promise! πŸ˜‰

Lately the weather has been amazing here on the western coast of Norway. I don’t know what’s going on, but after the historically bad summer, I guess we needed it. Anyway, I just wanted to admit that I kind of look forward to welcoming the fall. I love fall-fashion. The best time of year – and right now, here are some styles and outfits I find inspiring right now πŸ˜‰


Have a great evening and eventually weekend!

Lots of peace & love from me to you…. ❤️

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