The best time of year…. fashion wise ;-)

I think I’ve told you already. I live on the western coast of Norway. Let me give you a brief introduction – weather wise…. It pretty much rains. All the time! It’s windy. Always. The temperature varies. Not. Typical summer temperature: around 15 degrees celsius. Typical winter day: around 10 degrees celsius. Sunny? Occasionally I guess. But – look at the bright side. Our days, evenings and nights are light from March through November. The air is so fresh! It smells so good outside. We get so incredibly happy on that rare hot day, or if we have sunshine more than three days on a row. We feel invigorated just by going out with trash, or picking up the mail. We get to wear those cool Kate Moss-festival-wellies almost every day. Not so bad – right?!

Okay, so I sound like I’m very upset with the weather, but actually, it’s alright. If I get to the point where it really gets to me, I can always move somewhere else. Like Italy or south of France πŸ˜‰

So you might get why I find fall the absolute favourite time of year to upgrade my wardrobe. No? Because I can wear fall-clothes throughout the year! Duh! πŸ˜‰

I love getting money and gift cards for my birthday! (I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of the happiness of receiving birthday-presents…). Anyway – it being in the end of July, money and gift cards are perfectly spent on a Fall Style Update! Possibly one of my best shopping days during the year. The post-birthday-shopping-spree. Weeheee – I love it, here are the pieces I got this year. (And a Garance Dorè illustration, my new favourite nail polish – Chanel no. 491, and Canel eyeshadow fall 2016) – I got the shoes earlier this summer, but can’t wait to wear them at work possibly almost every day this fall πŸ˜‰

These pictures are snitched – or I hope the originators see them as borrowed, from, the online shops (the sweater and jeans), (the dress) and Garance Doré on Pinterest. The picture of the shoes is from Crush Concept on Facebook, see more information about that great place below πŸ˜‰

The bright sweater has the perfect colour for me. Of course I’m so not going to wear a black bra underneath (!), well maybe I will, but I am definitely wearing my favourite piece of clothing – the silk camisole, over the bra. If you have a silk camisole, you can wear thin, light, see-through fabrics, even when you’re curvy like me. They’re just perfect! I have them in several different colours, and in various lengths. I’ll wear a long one – I guess that’s more a slip – under the grey knitted dress. All sweaters, t-shirts, shirts, blouses and dresses look so much better with a camisole or a slip under. My best style-tip is to invest in this garment. It has to be silk. Don’t get anything else, you’ll just hate how it makes everything electric, they’re crinkly, stiff in stead of soft, and just not comfortable at all. I like the ones with no decorations – no pearls, no lace, ribbons or whatever. The only silk ones are so much more useable. If you have lace for instance, quite possibly it will look bulgy underneath a thin silk blouse. Just sayin’ πŸ˜‰

And oh – I have to mention – possibly the best reason for always wearing a camisole underneath – if you have curves, love-handles, muffin-top – you know what I mean – the camisole will make all that stuff not visible! Isn’t that just the best?! Check out this picture I found when I was googling, you hate it too, right? Why on earth would anyone want to be dressed like that? Seriously friends, invest in a good camisole, buy your size in clothes (even if it hurts), it looks S O much better, and you will feel free, happy and alive – which are the most important criterias if you want to look good. That’s just the way it is πŸ˜‰

It’s Saturday and I have nothing that I have to do. How I love those weekends! I think I’ll do some style-planning today, you know – reading (flipping through) magazines, finishing Garance Dorès book (I love it!), check out the latest updates on blogs and facebook-pages that inspire me. My number one favourite shop is Crush Concept. Check out the beautiful blog and Facebook page. Unfortunately Crush Concept isn’t located in my home town, but they ship whatever I want and the inspiration is reachable through social media, so I guess it’s alright, and it makes it so much more fun to visit whenever I’m in Haugesund;-) This beautiful shop has clothing, interior, some beauty-stuff, and I think I love E V E R Y T H I N G there! The owner has the best taste, and she makes it so easy for me to pick up on what I’ll fancy from the new designs. The style is updated and classic, a little bit bohemian, relaxed, French and every single piece will survive the changing trends – which means you’ll love the stuff till it dies and can’t be worn or used any more. So I guess although it’s somewhat expensive, it’s actually pretty economical. Right? That IS how it works, right? I try to explain that to my husband so often. Like, if I get a sweater I can wear for the next 8-10 years, almost no matter what it costs, it will become cheap – or even free – in a few years, right? πŸ˜‰ (I’m so great in math, you can really tell I work in bank….) 🙈

So – I’m off. Wishing you the best weekend whatever you do or wherever you are! Remember to stay true to yourself, stay happy – and get inspired ❤️

Peace & love

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