Welcome to my world!

I have moved my blog, and I am planning on blogging in English from now on. Several reasons for the English – for instance it’s great practice for me, I’d love to connect across nations and I want to see if I can actually handle blogging in English.

The moving. By placing the blog here, I’m in a blog-network. I have already received so much great advice from the administrators here – it seems like a smart thing to do. I’m sorry about the ads, but I hope it’s all right with you. I’m thinking my reward is all the great advice, I’m learning a great deal. I hope you’ll be rewarded with a blog with higher quality than it used to have. I promise I’ll try, and I hope you’ll give me feedback whenever it’s needed.

My world. I believe I am lucky, and I know for a fact – I’m truly happy. I don’t go around being happy all the time, but I’m fundamentally happy. As most people, I know happiness is essential to leading a good life which is why I’m constantly working on it. Every day, every year. Enhancing my happiness 🙏🏼.

I’ll be 50 next year. Obviously I’ve learned about myself. I know I need constant changes. I need new impulses and different days every day. Not necessarily great changes, small changes like a new way of working out, a new kind of breakfast, new assignments at work, new projects and new magazines 😉 – all great. I also know I have to make the changes myself.

My blog-categories reflects my essentials, today.

Happiness. Girlpower. Communication. Reflection. Style.

As everything else, these might change with time. Happiness won’t change, as already mentioned. Girl power. Gee, I wish…. If the world ever becomes totally equal to both sexes, I’m pretty sure I’ll eliminate that category. I’m sorry I believe I’ll quit blogging long before that happens…. Reflections. I do it all the time. Reflect around so many things, my chaotic brain and mind becomes more peaceful through reflecting and blogging. Style. Oh, how I love being constantly inspired by various style gurus! I’ve been interested in style for as long as I can remember. My earliest childhood memory is about a rage connected to a pair of jeans my mother wanted me to wear. This was before we moved to Africa which tells me I must have been around 4 or 5… I remember my cousin wearing her wellies wrong, the “America-dresses” from my aunt in New York, the beautiful cangas in Tanzania and the colourful styles of the African women. Yes, style will always intrigue me and fill me with inspiration. Finally Communication. That is who I am professionally. A communicator, not always the best one, but always working on improvement. Improving my skills, learning more, communicating more and better and trying to inspire my colleagues and professional relations to see how good communication can create magic 🤗 You think I’m exaggerating? Well, I’m not, and I will “talk” more about this later. The amazing tools created by new technology, and the profound wisdom given to us from historical persons like Aristoteles and Aurelius – these two have made a great impact on me.

Please excuse my English skills. Not at all professional, but I do think I get by, and I used to be pretty good at it… Oh how I hope you’ll stay with me here. Stop by from time to time, and please know that I appreciate feedback.

So, welcome to my world.

Peace & love!

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